U-Haul Services Now Offered At Lulu's Farm!


You can rent any and all trucks and trailers available, including furniture dollies, furniture blankets, and sell most boxes, packaging supplies, trailer hookup accessories, etc.

Rental Equipment

You can rent any and all of our equipment on site.

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Towing
  • Trailer Hookups
  • Pickups

Moving Supplies

An assortment of moving supplies to help you with your move.

  • Packaging
  • Boxes
  • Furniture Blankets
  • Dollies
  • and more

Lulu's Farm U-haul

Onsite authorized U-haul dealers.

  • Easy Rentals
  • Easy Pickup
  • Lowest Costs

Lulu's Farm is your number 1 go to for
your move!

We are here to help you when you need us. Call in advance to see what equipment we have on-site or we can help you locate and reserve it.

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