The DISC-IT is you’re all in one outdoor gas grill that will change the way you think about outdoor cooking.

The Disc-it Line Up

All Disc-It Grills can be customized any way you want.

The Full-sized DISC-IT

The Bald Eagle DISC-IT is a must for any die-hard USA Fan, We love this design. The DISC-IT is the “Swiss army knife” of outdoor cooking.


The Jr. DISC-IT is perfect for someone that doesn't want a full size. The Jr. DISC-IT is perfect for using tall stock pots.

The Table Top/RV DISC-IT

Short and can be used most anywhere. This DISC-IT is perfect for your RV.

Custom Double DISC-IT

The Newest product that EVERYONE is talking about!! The Double DISC-IT allows you to use both the Disc and the Flat Skill-It on one custom design.

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