Quality Outdoor Furniture Solutions


Whether you're setting up a new patio furniture set or adding to an existing one. Lulu's Farm has the furniture and accessories to help with you enjoy your outdoor activities this summer.

C.R. Plastic Products is the main brand that Lulu's Farm carries. Many collection that are made with Post-consumer and industial waste. All products are recycled and ready to be reused and furniture.

The main features are that they are heavy, so they never blow away, color blended throughout resin,and so no fading. They are built using stainless steel screws so there is no rust.

To learn more about this great company you can view their website. crpproducts.com

Some premium outdoor furniture to choose from.

We are here to help you when you need us. Call in advance to see what equipment we have on-site or we can help you locate and reserve it.

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